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Plenty of new products „made in Plettenberg“

MJ-Gerüst GmbH starts operations at plant 2 in Plettenberg and launches a new scaffolding system on the market for bauma.

Based in the Sauerland town of Plettenberg, MJ-Gerüst GmbH has now successfully commenced operations at its second site and in doing so, once again addresses the rapidly growing demand for its scaffolding systems.

State-of-the-art robot technology, the latest welding techniques and above all, a much larger number of welding cells: all of this can be found in the new, bright production halls equipped with state-of-the-art construction technology, which MJ-Gerüst has built on the Osterloh-West industrial area in Plettenberg.

A fully automated long goods rack supplies material to three Trumpf laser tube cutting machines and several saws around the clock. This material is then further processed on the subsequent welding systems. As Jörg Frommann, authorised officer and commercial director at MJ-Gerüst explains to us, „We have succeeded in fully acquiring the Osterloh-West industrial area, which was originally intended for a large number of companies. This way, we are able to meet the ever-increasing demand for our products and at the same time, we remain faithful to our home base in Plettenberg.“ Adjacent to the new welding plant, there is another 10 ha. belonging to the JUNIOR group. If there is demand in the market, we’ll be able to react over the next few years from out site in Plettenberg.

Osterloh_Drohne   Kasto-Lager   Stahlbodenanlage

In order to ensure the company’s own supply of stamped parts, another Schuler servo press was put into operation in February. Together with the company’s directly affiliated own toolmaking, MJ-Gerüst is also a heavyweight in the field of stamping technology. Downtime is reduced to a minimum by tool maintenance working in a multi-shift work pattern. All of this is ultimately reflected in the excellent delivery performance of MJ-Gerüst.

By the way, right next to the stamping hall you will find the steel bottom production area which was commissioned a year ago and is certainly one of the most modern of its kind. Automatic width and height adjustment in the profiling, fully automatic handling and computer-controlled destacking are more reminiscent of car production than scaffolding production. As Frommann explains to us proudly, „As you can see, we regularly invest and when we do, we spend more than average on state-of-the-art technology.“

Of course, MJ-Gerüst GmbH was also present at this year’s bauma. On the two-storey stand covering over 300 square metres, interested users of scaffolding were able to find out about the latest trends in the sector and exchange ideas with each other.

This year, the fair was dominated by the new version of the TRBS 2121, which was also the topic of much discussion on the MJ stand.

„Our primary mission now is to provide the scaffolding user with effective, yet workable systems that enable him to meet the technical rules without a lot of extra work and cost.“  On the MJ stand, it was possible to view, test and further develop a large number of such solutions. In connection with this, the way which is the right one and the system which will find the greatest level of acceptance while simultaneously fulfilling the relevant requirements, will become apparent in the coming months.

At the bauma trade fair, a lot of attention was paid to the MJ MSG handrail post, which locks securely onto the standpipe without a lot of mechanics and which can also be used universally on almost all scaffolding systems

In combination with the smooth-running, teflon-mounted telescope guardrail, which can be securely attached to the post using tried-and-tested tipping fingers, the MSG post is undoubtedly an acceptable solution. Jörg Frommann: „So far, I have not found any of the solutions offered by the scaffolding manufacturers to be particularly neat. Therefore, as manufacturers, it is all the more important for us to continue to develop the existing approaches at full speed in order to ensure that the scaffolder is able to secure the continuity of his scaffolding systems.“

Messestand   Aufbau_MSG

The MJ OPTIMA scaffolding system introduced by MJ for the first time at the bauma trade fair offers a completely different approach, offering the possibility of system-integrated leading side protection using a large number of scaffolding components that are already available to the customer.

„We want to show that it is possible to meet the requirements of TRBS 2121 in a system-integrated way, even without a complete change of system.“

Similar to the principle of the H-frame, the system is essentially built upon the central displacement of the standard joints between the deck levels, i.e. 1.00 m high. Thus, with the exclusive use of structurally identical 2.00 m uprights which, in the upper area have a tilting pin for receiving the hinged side protection, it is possible to fully install the side protection from a secured position for the respective level above, at each level of the scaffolding. Upon request, it is also possible on the inside on the scaffolding.

The system is supplemented by start and end pieces, as well as adapter uprights, which enable further construction on and/or with existing facade scaffolding. All scaffolding coverings of existing scaffolding systems can be reused in the MJ OPTIMA. In addition, depending on the scaffolding system used, this also includes railings, diagonals and toe boards. The modular punched disc in the centre of the support enables the connection of decking transoms as well as longitudinal transoms, diagonals or brackets. Due to the standard joint clearly being outside the anchorage level, special requirements have to be placed on the pipe connector of the MJ OPTIMA. „The plug-in connection had to pass extensive tests in advance. However, by using high-strength steel and optimising the pipe connector, which grew to a diameter of 41 mm, all the tests that were required turned out to be totally non-critical. The anchor grid and in the case of a slight retrofitting of the substrate, the scaffolding height that is possible, do not differ significantly from the tried-and-tested frame scaffolding systems.“

By the way: The 2.00 m upright is a lightweight at 7 kg and undercuts all systems currently available on the market. Positive side effect: Construction is much faster than in the case of classic modular scaffolding; Here, MJ OPTIMA does not have to hide anything in front of the frame scaffold plus assembly safety railing. As such, MJ currently pursues two objectives: Preserving and retrofitting existing systems on the one hand, and on the other hand, highlighting economic alternatives that are fun. An approval procedure is pending for the MJ OPTIMA system. This had not been completed at the time of going to press. However, MJ-Gerüst will be carrying out field trials at selected major construction sites starting in May, for which individual statistics are already available.

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